photography 100: taking sneaky pictures in India

It’s been awhile since we’ve felt inspired to take any photos with our Nikon DSLR.  This stunning country has given us a good reason to pull out our camera.  We feel rusty but it’s also been good.  Jessie decided to write down some thoughts about why travel photography can be a challenge:

When you travel through India, every twenty seconds you will stumble upon a picture worthy scene.  It can be overwhelming.  If you’re not careful, it’s easy to start feeling panicky about the photo opportunities you’re missing, or to walk around with your camera permanently attached to your face.


When I travel, I often wish I had the skill and talent of a professional photographer.   When I take a photo, the composition I imagine in my head is often different from what I actually capture.  The most frustratingly elusive skill for me has always been how to photograph candid photos of strangers on the street.   I feel like a creeper trying to catch close-ups without being detected.  But I’m usually a pansy about asking permission to take a photo, and even when I build up my courage, often the charm of the photo is lost because of the subject’s self-conscious awareness of me and my big camera.

Udaipur 2

Most of the articles I’ve found online about capturing candid photos have been largely useless.  I did come across this article which talked about some methods I’ve tried before and had a few new ideas I thought might be worth trying :

Rishikesh 2

One critical thing I’ve learned is that my desire and energy for taking photos comes in waves.  I enjoy my days more if I allow myself to follow that ebb and flow.   Some days I feel motivated to keep the camera wrapped around my wrist and brave about taking those sneaky shots.  Sometimes I’m lucky and catch something great.   Other days taking photos causes me anxiety and those days I’ve learned to let myself leave the camera packed away.  I’ll be sure to see incredible things every 20 seconds as usual but without the concern of capturing those moments, I simply live in them and often enjoy them more, knowing that they are fleeting and won’t be documented.  And that’s an important piece of travel and an important piece of life.

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